FIU lives up to its middle name

Jeffrey Steele/ Contributing Writer

With a single glance it is clear that our school is one great mixture.

I myself have met people from different backgrounds with my first class here at FIU.

I have met people who share the same culture like myself, people who have Haitian roots as well as people who have Cuban and Vietnamese roots.

Here in Biscayne Bay Campus, I have noticed there are more students of color.

In one of my classes, about 90 percent of class speaks Spanish; which is expected to be that we are in Miami and people come from all over.

The only classes that I have noticed a bigger range were my Prerequisite classes.

“In my opinion, I believe it does. One of the main things that FIU loves to promote is that they are worlds ahead.

To clarify, they want to ensure that students receive a global education to face any global affairs that can occur throughout their careers,” says Richie Michel a senior and a Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications major.

“FIU also has an office dedicated to serving international students with the desire to attend the university.

Plus, there are a variety of clubs within the university that promotes diversity.

You even add the study abroad programs to further gain knowledge about different places.”

Gender diversity is also notable.

For me, I feel as if there are more females that are in my classes at least in my major.

It makes me think does this apply to other majors as well.

At Modesto Campus I have noticed there is a wider range of diversity.

Just walking into Graham Center you see different kinds of people.

No matter how large the campus is there should be equal amounts of diversity in all aspects.

FIU does a good job of trying to get people involved in things to expose people to other cultures to make everyone who goes here feel included.

Although there is a little bit of discord only because both campuses are two different places.

It’s like going out of town to see family, when you come back, it doesn’t feel the same.

Culturally the school could do better by having events that show all cultures.

For instance, Black History Month had a month full of events geared towards black culture.

But why be limited to a month ?

If possible have something for every culture each month or take a week here and there to do promote them.


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