Editor-in-chief and general manager chosen for 2019-2020 school year

Gerard Albert III (left) will serve as PantherNOW’s editor-in-chief and Anabelle Torres (right) as The Roar’s general manager in the 2019-2020 school year.

Gabriella Pinos/Assistant Entertainment Director

The Student Media Board has chosen the new chief management for PantherNOW and The Roar, FIU’s student-run radio station, for the 2019-2020 school year.

Effective Monday, April 15, Gerard Albert III will serve as PantherNOW’s editor-in-chief and Anabelle Torres as The Roar’s general manager.

Albert, a senior majoring in journalism, joined PantherNOW in February 2018 and became the newspaper’s assistant news director in the 2018-2019 school year.

“I am very excited to take what I have learned from past editors and lead the paper to new heights, continuing to provide the students of FIU with important and meaningful information,” said Albert.

Outgoing editor-in-chief Michelle Marchante said she was confident Albert would handle the responsibilities of the position.

“Gerard did great as assistant news director last semester, and I am looking forward to seeing where he takes Student Media,” said Marchante.

Torres, a junior majoring in digital communications and sociology, has been a part of The Roar for as long as she has been at FIU. Prior to her appointment, she was the host of The Roar’s local music program, the station’s “Loud” genre director and the traffic and training manager.

As general manager, she hopes to strengthen the presence of The Roar within FIU and keep the station’s programming up to date with the music industry.

“I want to bring the station to its highest potential and make everyone proud. Being a DJ for college radio is a really special experience and I hope my time here has had an impact and helped our DJs experience that,” said Torres.

Alex Candia, current general manager for The Roar, also believes Torres would be a great fit to lead The Roar in the upcoming school year.

“Her passion and experience will allow her to gain support from her staff and from anyone who has a genuine interest in music. I believe it is an exciting time to be a part of the radio station, and I look forward to her many successes,” said Candia.

Robert Jaross, director of Student Media, said he was confident Albert and Torres would continue leading Student Media in the trajectory set by its current editor and general manager.

“I believe both Gerard and Anabelle will excel in their respective leadership roles. [They] have the experience and capability to take Student Media a step closer to being recognized as one of the best Student Media organizations in the country,” said Jaross.

Featured photo courtesy of Gerard Albert III and Anabelle Torres.

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