EDITOR’S NOTE: Our University is a melting pot

Michelle Marchante Editor in Chief of FIU Student MediaMichelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief

Our University isn’t the traditional school.

Not only is the majority of our students commuters but we’re also a minority-majority campus.

Student Media itself embodies this diversity. Just look at our front page story, where we profile two University alums with diverse family backgrounds who met at Student Media when it was called The Beacon, fell in love, got married and opened Empanada Harry’s Bakery and Cafe.

And our current staff–including eboard–is just as diverse.

This is why we’ve decided to focus on “Diversity Week” for this issue’s theme pages.

If you visit page 6, for example,  you’ll find a profile on Alexia Ruiz, a graduate student who stepped out of her comfort zone to teach in Germany. Page 2 also features a preview for the upcoming “Women in Communication: Shattering the Ceiling” conference at the Biscayne Bay Campus.

Our front page also has an update on football player Shawndarrius Phillips and the domestic battery charges levied against him for allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend after an argument.

For our sports lovers out there, make sure you turn to page 12 to read our recap on FIU’s “Pro Day. “ If you’re an entertainment junkie, then turn to page 9 to read our columnists thoughts on how Disney and Netflix are slowly taking over the entertainment industry and what this could mean for us.

I also want to take the time to congratulate Gerard Albert III and Anabelle Torres, Student Media’s new editor-in-chief and general manager for The Roar for the 2019-2020 school year. I look forward to seeing where Student Media will go under your guidance.


Feature Graphic by Michelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief.

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Michelle Marchante is the 2018-2019 Editor-in-Chief of PantherNOW. Majoring in broadcast journalism, she lives and breathes web, print, radio and TV news 24/7. You can connect with her on Twitter @TweetMichelleM

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