Banning Plastic straws and bags is something we should do.

Jeffrey Steele/ Contributing Writer

Banning Plastic straw and bags is something we should do.

Banning these items is a decent start I guess but the use of plastic should be banned in general but that’s for another time.

Something like paper straws could be used. Paper straws suck though.

I went to Hurricanes restaurant where they have started this for its customers. This idea is a no. 

After a while, your drink starts to taste like paper and not the drink that you originally ordered to begin with.

Maybe there could be edible paper straws or even something that is flavored. All I know is plain paper straws aren’t the best idea.

There are advertisements that try to get people to buy the metal straws, there is even one that collapses, it’s called FinalStraw.

One has to ask who is just going to carry that kind of straw with them.

Although, with FinalStraw it has its own carrying case I still feel like one can lose the straw somehow.

The metal straw is a great idea to an extent there are other health concerns I would imagine.

“I think it’s something that should be included in Florida.

However, I do think it’s difficult to have that be applied to shopping stores and restaurants because you don’t know how much a store is getting from a shipment,” says Samantha Panneflek, a senior studying television production.

“Your reusable bag might not be big or sturdy enough to hold all the items. Also, there are individuals in restaurants who don’t like drinking from the cup, so an alternate solution would need to be provided for those customers with the banning of plastic straws.”

We have such things as reusable bags for ages and in some stores, they only cost a dollar, so it’s a good idea.

Also, there is the option of paper, but the only stores I have seen use paper are Publix and Win-dixie and maybe a neighborhood Walmart.

With things like paper bags, there needs to be a better material that they are made out of.

Yes, they are paper bags so they are prone to ripping easily but something has to change.

Stores that I have seen that use a little thicker material would be Whole Foods.

“I am half and half, plastic straws and bags be banned. They can take an alternate route and make them biodegradable instead so that way if they do end up in the ocean they are no threat to wildlife,” says Gurby Joseph, a senior studying Broadcast media.

“I believe there’s always an alternative way to fix things without banning 100%. If for any reason there are no possible alternate ways, then yes banning would be the way to go.”

Banning straws and bags is a start and a good one at that but will the higher-ups go with it?

Banning plastic altogether should be a thing. If one takes a real hard look plastic is in almost everything and everyone uses it in some way shape or form.

Alternatives need to be made now if banning doesn’t happen it’s all just a matter of when.


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