Half of SGC-BBC senate seats to go unfilled

Newest members of SGC-BBC. Photo courtesy of Pamela Ho Fung

By: Valentina Palm/Staff Writer


Election results of the Student Government Association at the Biscayne Bay Campus were announced Friday, April 5, confirming all candidates who ran.

All of them were unopposed.

Of the 10 elected positions, eight will be led by female student leaders who will represent the student body, and their voices, with University administration.

Pamela Ho Fung was confirmed as SGC-BBC president and Mahalia Balfour as the vice president.

Although every school in BBC will have a senator representing them in the council, only eight of the 16 senatorial seats will be filled next semester.

Of the 50 percent senatorial positions that will be represented, there won’t be a lower-division, housing or a graduate senator.

Chelsea Oscar, SGC-BBC elections commissioner, believes BBC election events were important so the student body could meet their representatives.

“Even though they are going to win anyway,” said Oscar, “it’s important for the candidates to participate in these events and raise awareness.”

Oscar believes uncontested elections don’t give the student body options for their representation on the council.

“I think with contested elections, students are able to consider different ideas – Not really opposing, but what different people have to offer,” said Oscar .

Oscar believes  a lack of student involvement is the most determining factor for the outcome of these elections.

“Not a lot of people know,” said Oscar. “If more students were involved, not only would we have more people in SGA, but we would also be able to reach out to more students. The more students, the more people you can reach.”

Mark Manoco, a health services administration senator, also believes student involvement is the major problem with SGC-BBC.

“I just feel that a lot people don’t care,” said Monaco.

The new SGC-BBC president, Ho Fung, feels honored to be a leader for the student body at her campus.

“This is a big position and I am really honored to be part of SGC-BBC,” said Ho Fung. “I’m looking forward to leading BBC forward. As student body president, I want to work for my passion on student wellness and involvement.”

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