Students should fight to make climate change a top priority

Eliandro Ramirez Chang/ Staff Writer

Our planet is dying and we are the reason why. Or at least that is what top scientists and environmentalists have been screaming for decades now.

Listen I don’t doubt them. Each year is hotter than the previous one, a constant record being broken over and over again.

I mean it’s never cold in December anymore, it seems to be that winter is coming later and later.

The planet seemingly is truly being affected by warming.

The dispute becomes one if it is due to human activity or if it’s happening on its own.

Or if it’s even happening at all! I believe it is, and that it’s already too late.

There is too much money in fossil fuel, our greed will literally be the cause of our extinction, if we don’t blow each other up first.

Let’s say we don’t blow each other up, we will mostly likely be underwater at some point here in Miami.

We can apparently prevent wars but not the wrath of Mother Nature.

So what can we do? I guess all we can really do is recycle on our own, do our own part for the planet.

Vote for political figures who make climate change a priority. Go into politics yourself, push for ideas such as The Green New Deal.

Invest in your own future because make no mistake, the rich will be landing on Mars while Miami becomes Atlantis.

Our future on this planet is very bleak, and when the effects are present and undeniable those in power will come up with some ridiculous response.

This writer usually has some insight or hopeful words, but there really are none when it comes to this issue.

Mother Nature cannot be negotiated with and humans have a bad habit of procrastinating.

We cannot wait till the last minute, we must act soon.

We must act now but it really seems like regardless of what we say, the ones on top continue to ignore.

If actual scientists, top in their field, have been saying this is an issue for years… all the protesting in the world cannot convince our lawmakers to make climate change a top priority.


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