Your graduation celebration is well-deserved

Ariana Rodriguez/ Contributing Writer

You have completed your desired degree, and you deserve a billion dollars. You really do. 

All those hours of no sleep and laborious efforts gave you that degree, and I truly hope that your degree will give you something more valuable than a billion dollars. The most valuable thing anyone can have is happiness and anything that has to do with good mental health. 

The moment graduation is over, the layers of artifice attached to your future goal can seem thicker or thinner than before.  

The human brain just wants to strip every veil that is in the way of our plan. 

It can be bewildering to be at either end if your outlook is not positive. The human brain tends to want what we do not have. If we think we are close to the canvas of the future we painted during undergrad school, we might over anticipate and over-worry. Some others have complex careers that require a bit more attention and experience. We all start to be in the wrong when we start to worry. 

This is something we all heard from our role models during the beginning of our educational career. 

One of my role models is Frankie Rodriguez, my father and compliance officer for Miami Dade, who is an alumnus from FIU.  He worked a lot whilst he got his bachelor’s degree. 

There were some days where everything was a blur, but his family was the only thing that made him see as clearly as Neo from The Matrix. My father gives me a lot of advice when I’m in between the walls of confusion. I think his words of comfort are necessary for every graduate. 

“I think my support team my family was always there for me before and after my graduation. That always kept me going,” says my Frankie Rodriguez. 

I have seen many so many graduates and undergrads lose their touch with their family. I see that they fight inner battles that can be soothed by a loved one. 

Always say close to your support team because they are happy to see your mental thrive. 

I have had family members saddened by their daughter or niece studying more than 500 miles away from becoming cold and distant without a valid reason. 

The warmth and love that drives us is the key. 

We need that vibrant emotion when we do anything. People have a higher chance of getting a job when they show that they have interpersonal skills. When people become cold and distant, they also have a hard time finding or maintaining their job. They do not just keep loved ones away.

 If a billionaire had no loved ones, would they ever get to feel the warmth of happiness? The answer should be no. 

These thoughts are for every graduate and for everyone. Everyone is on a complex journey that is filled with different adventures and responsibilities. The only way we can finish strong is if we take our strongest weapon. Happiness is our weapon. That happiness stems from good mental health. Always remember to protect it throughout your journey. 


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