Art should be encouraged in STEM and business fields

Yulia Strokova/Guest Columnist

How many students have heard musician Michael Tilson Tomson perform at the New World Symphony? Or have listened to the largest organ in Miami Dade County at FIU’s School of Music?

There are very few of them, and most are from affiliated faculties. But what about others like business managers, engineers and physicians?

Of course, lack of that knowledge is not critical for students building tech algorithms, struggling with business cases or digging into balance sheets. But what if art could matter from a professional perspective?

Instead of jumping into your car and playing your favorite playlist after class, play Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No.7 in A Major, a beautiful composition. Listen carefully one minute today, two minutes tomorrow and so on. 

Classical music teaches us to listen to others and to listen deeper. This skill is crucial for leadership, management development and communications in general.

Or, stand for several minutes in front of just one picture at a museum and describe what you see and feel.  Art will awaken your intuition, and you will see more nuances about the subject. Observation skills enable success in critical thinking and problem solving and give us new perspectives on many issues.

Neuroscience also has shown that viewing art sparks joy and inspiration, which reduces stress. Art can lead to a 20 percent boost in productivity and has a positive effect on motivation and work ethic. Some business companies already use art in their organizational cultures to improve team performance and product design. 

We cannot find all the answers to our challenges in the world of the logical and scientific. That is why art makes us ask deeper questions that lead to emotional truth and creative discoveries.

Miami is a perfect place to discover art in an affordable way. FIU supports cultural engagement through its art institutions: the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, the Wolfsonian-FIU and the Jewish Museum of Florida. Admission for students is always free.

The Bass Museum of Art, which features contemporary art, is across the street from Miami Beach and offers $5 student admission. The same entrance fee is available at the Rubell Family Collection. This art gem showcases the eclectic tastes of Mera and Don Rubell in a 45,000-square-foot warehouse in Wynwood.

If you’re looking for performing arts, the New World Symphony and Adrienne Arsht Center offers students $10 to $20 discounted admission to their symphonic and orchestral concerts, the brilliant choreography of Miami City Ballet and Broadway’s best shows.  

Yulia Strokova is an international student working toward her master’s degree in business administration.



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