DUELING COLUMN: Abortion should be banned in Florida

Damielys Duarte/Contributing Writer

The entire nation is in an uproar over the latest Alabama law, which bans almost all abortions statewide. Many people claim it is an infringement on a woman’s reproductive rights.

However, with so many other options for abortions, there is no real necessity for the procedure in Florida or anywhere for that matter.

According to Online Sunshine Florida’s official webpage for all statutes, our 2018 abortion statute reads that third trimester abortions are only allowed when two physicians agree that terminating the pregnancy would save the mother’s life.

In addition, Florida bans all partial births, otherwise known as dilation and extraction, except in the case where the mother’s health is in question. This procedure is when the fetus is cut into smaller parts and vacuumed out of the mother’s womb.

This is very similar to Alabama’s law that prohibits dilation and evacuation procedures “unless it is necessary to save the woman’s life.”

A mother in Florida also has the right to see a sonogram and receive information about the baby before the abortion and receive flyers and pamphlets offering her choices, such as adoption, and even government assistance for her and her child. The same occurs in Alabama.

What is a greater definition of a choice in this case? You have the choice to end your pregnancy or find a viable alternative. In this case, the woman has more choices than she has ever been given. Just because not everyone feels the same about abortion does not mean other options should be discarded.

Unlike Alabama, however, Florida does include exceptions for rape and incest explicitly in its statutes, and there are abortion bills that will be introduced in the state’s 2020 legislative session. But as of now, Florida law is effectively cutting down on abortions.

However, the political opposition surrounding the issue is concerning, as many people simply ignore alternative procedures and options for the sake of “supporting women.”

Americans have bashed Alabama for their abortion ban but clearly haven’t educated themselves, seeing as Florida’s abortion statute is eerily similar and no one seems to be talking about it.

And when looking over the Alabama stipulations, they are not as extreme as many people believe. The language is explicitly written in favor of women: her right to choose (to save or kill), and overall her health. Never has the law taken the fetus’ side over the mothers. So why are we fighting for this unnecessary and dangerous procedure?

Florida should have stricter abortion laws, except in the case of rape or incest or if the procedure is medically necessary for the mother. I don’t see why the practice is otherwise necessary with so many parents vying for adoption and various government agencies offering assistance.

We do not get to decide who lives or dies. And by pressuring desperate mothers that the only solution is an abortion, then you are leaving her with less options than the opposite party.



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