“Sentinels: Elements for Change” calls for Earth regeneration awareness

“Altar” attendees were able to get a ribbon, write a wish or a prayer and hang it on the altar.

Maria Lago/Staff Writer


Florida International University’s Steven and Dorothea Green Library featured the art exhibition “Sentinels: Elements for Change” by artist and graphic designer Alejandro Morales on Sunday, July 14. 

Paintings and sculptures were exposed to deities and icons inspired by the Yoruba religion, as a message to mother Earth that needs to regenerate from the chaos happening around the world. The artwork was made of recycled materials, railroad tracks, and materials people left behind, according to Morales.

The artist believes now is the moment to talk about awareness and regeneration of Earth, because that is the future that he wants for upcoming generations. 

“With so many things going on in the world right now — politically, natural disasters, chaos, weapons of mass destruction — made me realize that my granddaughter was going to experience this in the future. For me it was almost like an enlightenment, that I want the world to be a better place for her and for everybody else,” said Morales.

“Sentinels” includes artwork that is emboldened by the Yoruba religion, one that takes inspiration from the elements generated by Earth; like the sun, rain and wind. The artist said that the culture of the religion at that time “took what they needed, but it wasn’t exploited. It wasn’t abusive like we are now with Earth.”

He chose icons and deities for his work because they are something that gives you comfort, show you emotion and expression; and that you can see yourself in. 

Morales believes that exposing his artwork on campus it’s important because it’s what it should be on top of young people’s minds.

“Anything that I can put out there that incentives you to think or to react about this topic is great,” he said.

The graphic designer has his own art studio with the artist Vicente Dopico, called Dopico Lerner- Morales Art Studio, at Bird Road Art District. “Sentinels” will be exposed there, where people can join them at Open Studio night, free for the public. 

To learn more about this exhibition and upcoming events at Morales’ art studio, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Visual-Arts/Dopico-Lerner-Morales-Art-Studio-207375106622450/ 

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