President Trump Is Not A Racist Individual

Samantha Garcia/Contributing Writer

The impeachment article drafted by Democratic Rep. Al Green accuses President Trump of committing a high misdemeanor in office: racism.

On Tuesday, July 16, The House voted on a resolution to condemn Trump’s unacceptable racist tweets towards four democratic Congresswomen of color. Talk of impeachment, thanks to Rep. Green, has also risen.

To be fair, to say that Trump was out of place is simply an understatement. His comments were also undeniably racist; telling someone to go back to their country will always be racist. 

But this doesn’t make Trump a racist individual. Sometimes, people just react or respond to a situation they haven’t truly interpreted. And a man like Trump, who has no filter, simply reacted on impulse. 

Four years as our president and you’d think that the American people would get used to his theatrics. I guess not. 

Trump didn’t force or threaten anyone to leave this country, nor did he degrade anyone. He simply said that if these women hated America so much, they should go back to the countries they came from, which they claimed to dislike as well.

Maybe give Canada a shot, ladies. I’ve heard they’re more socially accepting of their diverse population. 

Future immigrants might see the president’s remarks as a red flag and refuse to immigrate into the United States. However, the president won’t lose any sleep at night knowing this. At the end of the day, if an immigrant is fleeing their country in fear, the president’s remarks won’t stop them from coming into our country.

Contrarily, if the immigrant is simply looking for a better lifestyle, the president’s remarks might cause them to look for greener pastures elsewhere – which is perfectly fine.

The House of Representatives then nullified the attempt to impeach the president due to his vicious language. After all, the American people voted for this man to be our president. They were fully aware of his character before elections, and they still voted for him. Immigrants have kept coming into our country, so they’re clearly not shaken by the president’s character.

In the end, Trump, like us, has freedom of speech – that includes hurtful speech. Although his remarks weren’t exactly “presidential,” hurtful remarks aren’t enough to impeach a president. Being racist doesn’t qualify one for impeachment. The president didn’t imply that these women of color weren’t equal to the rest of us. He acknowledged their freedom to exit this country and encouraged it. 

Let’s get it together, America. There’s no need to be so sensitive. If you don’t like the president’s comments, then don’t vote for him. His time will be over in no time – the vote is in our hands. Maybe we just all have to toughen our shells and step out of our safe spaces.



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