Gov. DeSantis: “The time to act is now, do not wait until it is too late”

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Muriel Almeida/Staff Writer

As many South Floridians start to prepare for Hurricane Dorian, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited the National Hurricane Center on the Modesto Maidique Campus and spoke about the importance of preparing for the storm. 

According to DeSantis, there have been reports of fuel shortages in places such as Brevard County in central Florida. They’ve mobilized the National Guard working with Major General James O. Eifert, but are not yet uncertain where they will deploy them. 

After speaking with President Trump, Eifert assured DeSantis that the Federal Guard will be with them “every step of the way,” supporting Floridians “however they can,” said DeSantis.

Additionally, WIlliam Brockmann Long, the acting Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) director, assured DeSantis that they are going to be working closely with the Florida government throughout the hurricane, according to the governor. 

Earlier today DeSantis expanded the state of emergency to all 67 counties throughout Florida via tweet.

According to DeSantis, the government will request a pre-landfall emergency declaration from the federal government for protective measures and direct federal assistance for generators and pumps. 

The governor insists that Floridians have a plan and make hurricane preparations right now, especially making accommodations for unanticipated power loss by using generators properly. 

Florida Power Light (FPL) will also be mobilizing resources from across the southeast. 

“All Floridians need to monitor Hurricane Dorian and make the necessary preparations,” said DeSantis, “This is a track that has a significant amount of uncertainty.” 

In the state of an emergency, DeSantis urged citizens to prepare for an area that experiences flooding and to inform themselves of shelters in the area. He also insists on knowing which evacuation routes are appropriate for you, in case you’re asked to relocate. 

“The time to act is now, do not wait until it is too late.” said DeSantis.

In case of an evacuation order, the Florida Department of Transportation will assist by waiving tolls and fees for the Florida Turnpike and public highway.

Closures of public schools, such as FIU, will be announced and posted on the Florida Department of Education website as of now FIU has not cancelled any classes. A statement from the university sent out to students at 12:34 p.m. said that “university operations remain as scheduled.”


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