FIU Plans Emergency Operations

Graphic by Anabelle Torres


By: Gerard Albert III/Editor In Chief

The University will close at noon on Sept. 1 in anticipation for Hurricane Dorian. FIU is urging all students living on campus to leave if they have a place to stay. 

If students choose to stay they will be moved to Parkview and sleep in the hallways. The dorm building was built with the intention of being a storm shelter.

Students are asked to bring a pillow, blanket and some food with them to Parkview. Eighth Street Campus Kitchen in the Graham Center will stay open through the weekend to provide food. 

Bayview housing is in a Zone A flooding zone and students who decide not to evacuate will be moved to Parkview at MMC. As of now there are about 30 people, mostly students expected to arrive at MMC from BBC.

Housing is expecting 750 people but say the number is expected to drop as more students head home.

Financial services are extending student late fee payments and the add/drop period until further notice . 

All libraries will close at 5 p.m. on Saturday and both Recreation and Wellness Centers will close Sunday.

Primary stakeholders and decision makers from the FIU community meet at the Emergency Operations Center.

Students can park their cars in any of the FIU garages as long as they are in a registered space and not on the ground floor or the roof.

At a meeting in the University’s Emergency Operations Center, President Mark B. Rosenberg said FIU is “preparing for a long haul” when it comes to the storm.


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