September 18: Biscayne Bay, Art After Stonewall, and Weekly Sports Recap

Photo by Sofia Galiano

This week on the Golden Hour we talked about the current state of Biscayne Bay, a new exhibit at the Frost Art Museum, and a rundown of FIU sports.


Biscayne Bay is in a state of crisis according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. PantherNow investigative reporter Joshua Ceballos gives us an update about his findings while working on his series: Murky Waters


Amy Galpin, chief curator at the Frost museum, gave us an insider’s take on what you can expect to see at the new exhibit: Art After Stonewall. She goes over the ideas behind the exhibit and discusses local ties as well.


It was a good week for FIU football as they scored their first win against University of New Hampshire. Men’s soccer is on roll but women’s soccer hasn’t started the season off on the right foot. Women’s volleyball is now officially on a winning streak despite their bumpy beginnings.

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