FIU’s International Business Ranked #2 In The Country

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By: Isaiah Stewart / Contributing Writer


U.S. News and World Reports released its 2019 school rankings and FIU is ranked #2 in the country for its International Business Program. 

In comparison to other business schools, like Wharton Business founded in 1881, FIU Business’, founded in 1965, accomplishment comes at a young age.  

Dean of Business, Joanne Li, attributes this accomplishment to an overall effort from the university.

“This ranking belongs to everyone in our team, faculty, staff, students, alum, the FIU community and our community at large,” said Li. 

Last year, FIU finished 6thin the rankings behind NYU and Wharton School of Business. Now, FIU only trails the University of South Carolina.

Dean Li also shed some light on a few of the reasons for this improved ranking,  

She said the fact that FIU regained its CIBER (Center for International Business Education Research) center this past year, an accomplishment reserved for only 15 Universities in the U.S., and the only one in Florida. 

Another prominent reason is after Dean Li represented and advocated for FIU’s IB program on a panel in Copenhagen this past summer, FIU secured the 2021 Academy of International Business Conference. This distinction won’t return to Miami for another 30 years. 

Li also said that FIU’s goal is to improve on the service and education experience for our students with the support of the CIBER brand, while also offering more study abroad opportunities. 

She said the continued advancement of scholarships and internships overseas reiterates the importance of students really understanding how to operate a business in an international setting and be placed internationally as well.

Lastly, Li wanted to remind us that the success of the program relies on alumni and students as they graduate and give back or succeed in future endeavors from the program.

 One graduate of the International Business program is Citibank Financial Advisor, a graduate of 2007, Carlos McGrath.

He participated in the CIBER programs internship abroad opportunities. Now, he gives back through the FIU Mentor Program.

“The international program at FIU gave me the tools and cultural exposure that I needed to prepare me for a career in international banking,” said McGrath. “The class discussions with faculty & students of different backgrounds taught me to think outside of the box and to see things from another angle. On the other hand, my international exchange experiences in France & Spain gave me that first culture shock that prepared me for a career where I’m constantly traveling and dealing with people from different corners of the world.”

The Chairman of the Department of International Business, William Newburry, is currently in Lithuania and also spoke to PantherNOW about the FIU business school. 

“We have been working hard over many years to develop a top-notch undergraduate international business program,” said Newburry. “This has included both ensuring high-quality program content combined with cultivating faculty with world-class leadership credentials in the international business field.”

Newburry also said that he has worked to benchmark and learn from other leading international business programs through efforts such as serving as a co-founder of the Consortium of Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE) for about 16 years. 

“The latest jump in the rankings continues a trend and we are determined to continue our efforts to provide our students a great international business education,” said Newburry 

From a student’s perspective, Rodrigo Puga, an international business junior from Peru had this to say about the program..

“I chose FIU International business because of the tools it provides me to develop myself as a businessman, but more importantly as a better person,” said Puga.

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