FIUPD Releases New Crime Reports, Rape Reports Rise

Gerard Albert III and Tamica Jean-Charles / PantherNOW Staff


17 rapes were reported on FIU property last year according to the University’s 2018 security and fire safety report. That’s 9 more reported rapes than 2017. 

Out of the 16 rapes reported at the Modesto Maidique campus, one occurred in an on-campus housing complex. One rape was reported on the Biscayne Bay campus. 

FIUPD releases annual reports detailing the University’s approach to crime, health, and safety-related protocols while reviewing the previous year’s crimes on all FIU campuses. The report comes out every October of the following year.

University Police Chief Alexander Casas says the number of sexual assaults likely hasn’t changed; instead, students are reporting more incidents to Counseling and Psychological Services.

When students tell CAPS they have been a victim of sexual assault, they have the option to file a police report. If not, CAPS reports the cases to FIUPD at the end of the year so they can accurately report the number of cases.

“The Victim Empowerment Program has been very active in pushing out information to let students know that we’re here to help,” said Casas. “I think students are more likely to go get help.”

Dating violence, stalking, and domestic violence reports also rose in 2018. These crimes, like rapes, are more likely to be reported to CAPS first, then end up with the police if students chose to file a report.

“As students become more aware of what they do and do not have to put up with, what is available for them to get help about, they are more likely to get that help,” Casas said. 

Nine sexual offenses, three stalking reports, and one sexual assault case have been reported so far in 2019, according to the police department’s crime logs. 

Sexual offenses involve more mild cases, such as fondling or verbal assaults, whereas sexual assaults involve rapes and other sexual violence.  


If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can reach out to CAPS, the victim empowerment program, or FIUPD. 

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