New Video Shows FIU Student Robbed By Armed Suspect In PG-6

Police outside Parking Garage 6 where a student was robbed by an armed assailant. Guido Gonzalez/PantherNOW

Last updated Monday 11 a.m.

Guido Gonzalez and Gerard Albert III/PantherNOW Staff

Police say they have recovered the car used by suspects in the robbery of an FIU student last week. The dark colored Honda was found by police abandoned in the parking lot of Aventura mall.

An FIU student was robbed near Parking Garage 6 after returning to the Modesto Maidique campus from the bank around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning according to FIUPD. The student was followed back to campus and approached by two suspects.

A video released by FIUPD shows one suspect exit the Honda after blocking the victim in his parking spot. The next scene from the video–captured from cameras in PG 6–shows the student hanging on to the hood of the suspects car as it attempts to leave the garage.

A man exits the passenger side and throws him off of the car, it is at this time FIUPD believe the suspect pulled a gun. The last shot of the video is the victim being thrown off the car to the ground. He suffered only minor injuries. FIUPD did not release the amount of money stolen.

The video was released through a timely warning email sent to all students, and shows the robbery and the victim’s attempts to stop it.

The two suspects attempted to rob the student and after the robbery one of the suspects brandished a gun before fleeing with another man in a black or gray Honda.

The identities of the suspects are not currently known. The student has also been injured but the extent of his injuries is not known.

Students were advised around 11 a.m. not to go near the area but have since been given the all-clear to resume normal activities. If anyone has any information regarding the identities of the suspect they can call FIUPD 305-348-2626.


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