After Multiple Gun Threats, SGA Takes a Stand

By: Rafael Macias/Contributing Writer


After a gun threat this August that sent students scrambling and unaware of what to do, the student government has resolved to improve education on mass shooting procedures.

On Monday, Nov. 04, the Student Government Council at the Modesto Maidique Campus passed a resolution condemning all threats of violence against the student body, and moving to work with the FIU Police Department to teach the student body what to do in the event of a shooting threat.

The resolution came about because of the threat on Aug. 28 in which a student sent a picture of a rifle in a group chat, saying “Wanna meet tomorrow in GC buddy? I can walk into class with this energy if you keep pissing me off you coward little kid.”

Screenshot from WhatsApp group chat.

SIPA  Senator Santiago Arias authored the resolution along with senators Angel Algarin, Molly Schantz and Rose Ingraham.

“Everyone found out about [the threat] and everyone called FIUPD, and there was a mass question of what’s FIU going to do,” said Arias. “We saw the situation resolved but what we saw that there was an overall lack of understanding… on how to handle it.”

Arias said that the resolution was meant to take a stance against what happened and make a zero-tolerance policy for gun threats from the Senate. He also wants to work more closely with FIUPD and other relevant groups like Counseling and Psychological Services.

“This is the beginning of a campaign by SGA to make students more aware of the different processes of reporting things like weapons found on campus and how to or where to refer a concern,” he said.

FIUPD Chief Alexander Casas said that although he has yet to hear from the Student Government, he welcomes any collaboration with students.

“FIUPD is always ready and eager to work with any of our student groups working to keep our campus safer,” said Casas to PantherNOW. “We want to make students more aware of what we’d like them to do while we’re processing information in a case like this.”

Casas said that because the student population changes from semester to semester, having groups like SGC-MMC educate new students on where to go for information in an emergency would be a big help.

Since the gun threat, more incidents have occurred at MMC, including an armed robbery in Parking Garage 6. Arias said SGC-MMC is not working on resolutions regarding this, but are working on other projects involving campus safety. 


Additional Reporting by Joshua Ceballos

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