Drag Queens Destress at FIU Mental Health Panel

Kat Wilderness performs at a drag show and mental health panel. Jesse Fraga/PantherNOW

Laura Antunez/Contributing Writer

Drag queens performed in the Steven and Dorothea Green Library to vicious applause and formed a panel about mental illness. 

On Nov. 6, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) at FIU and the Sexual Health Alliance Revolutionizing Positivity (SHARP) came together to host six drag queens to discuss mental health, especially in regards to the LGBTQ+ community. 

The show was hosted and largely organized by Havana Orgasma, an FIU student and the social media director of SHARP. 

This event was Orgasma’s first time wearing drag and performing. Orgasma was supported on stage by her real life “girlfriend when we’re in drag,” Elixiress the Enchantress. 

“This is my first time in drag and I’m wearing seven inch heels!,” said Havana Orgasma.

Emilie Cordoves, a sophomore, was attending a drag show for the first time. She and Orgasma have been friends since high school and she came out to the show to support Orgasma.

The show had two acts with the discussion panel in between. The six queens were Kat Wilderness, Viola Putx, Elixiress the Enchantress, Havana Orgasma, Frieda Knipp and Meat Y Stones. 

Meat Y Bones performs a drag show at a mental health panel. Jesse Fraga/PantherNOW

The first act consisted of performances by Stone, Wilderness, Putx, and first time performer, Frieda Knipp, also an FIU student. 

According to NAMI president Angelica DeRezende, the queens were asked to surround their performances around things that make them happy. 

“The inspiration for my performance was five years ago, last Monday, I came out for the first time,” said Knipp. 

The discussion panel was followed by a short intermission after the first act of performances. 

Drag queens presented a panel on mental health. Jesse Fraga/PantherNOW

The drag queens were asked questions surrounding mental health by DeRezende; the questions provoked intimate discussion by the queens about acceptance, being open and personally dealing with mental health. 

“Drag is very very hard. Doing all this takes a lot of work and when you’re suffering with mental illness, there’s times when you can’t really make a gig,” said Putx.

“Something important when considering all of this is to be open. It’s to open up and say ‘I need help, I need my friends, I need to hang out with more people.’” 

Viola Putx greets the audience at the drag show and mental health panel. Jesse Fraga/PantherNOW

Kat Wilderness, a transgender woman drag queen, helped to dispel the myth that you have to be a cisgender man to do drag.

“Trans women can do drag. Anyone can do drag, no matter who you are,” said Wilderness to roaring approval. 

The second act was comprised of performances by Enchantress and Orgasma, and distinct performances by Wilderness, Stone and Putx. 

Dollar bills were flying everywhere as the queens, for the second time, interacted with the audience, and gave out a few lap dances. 

Orgasma closed out the night with her performance, and the queens bowed to cheers and shouts of “Yes queen!” by audience members. 

“Tonight was a dream, it was everything I wanted it to be and more,” said Orgasma. 

Havana Orgasma, an FIU student and social media director of SHARP performs a drag show at the mental health panel. This event was Orgasma’s first time wearing drag and performing. Jesse Fraga/PantherNOW

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