Extracurricular Clubs Are Beneficial In The Long Run

Katherine Wong/Staff Writer

Ideally, getting a degree would grant you automatic entry into your career. However, that is not necessarily true. 

A degree can only offer you so much in the current job market. But, by joining extracurriculars related to your major, this can put you ahead of the average college graduate.

FIU has over 300 clubs and organizations running on both campuses for every major offered. Although FIU is mainly a commuter based school, many clubs and organizations only take up a small amount of time each week, and joining them can help you build connections, get engaged in activities relating to your career and guide you on the right path.

I’m currently in my freshman year, and I’ve already established myself within Student Media. I’m currently a writer for PantherNOW and a DJ for The Roar. As I aspire to become a music journalist, this has helped me gain valuable insight into the career field that I will be joining in the near future. I’ve established connections in my field and have been granted many opportunities that I otherwise would never have had if I didn’t sign up.

Although I already have an idea of what I want to do with my career, this doesn’t mean students who don’t know what they want to do with their career paths should abstain from joining extracurriculars. Because FIU offers clubs and organizations for every field of interest, students are bound to find something they are passionate about; exploring different clubs and organizations can spark an idea of a potential career that was once never thought of. 

Organizations on campus also help freshmen develop necessary skills for their careers, including time management, interviewing skills and professional experience. Learning these skills at such an early point in your academic career can easily lead to more opportunities like internships or work-study jobs in the future.

But, with that being said, joining extracurriculars on campus should not be for the sole benefit jumpstarting your career. Join clubs and organizations that match your interests, not just because you want something to go on your resume. If you’re in it just for a line of text on a piece of paper, you’ll gain no real value from your time spent in that club. 

If I could only give one piece of advice to any current or incoming freshman students, it would be to join clubs on campus. Doing so has easily been the best decision I have made and has given me a great sense of fulfillment when it comes to my career path. Getting involved as soon as you can help you get the most out of college and broaden your worldview.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone — you’ll never know what you’ll find at FIU.



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