Student Government Working To Add Free Menstrual Hygiene Products To MMC

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While the need for menstrual products isn’t new, the Student Government Council at the Modesto Maidique Campus have voted to make products more easily accessible on campus.

On Nov. 4, senators Angel Algarin and Rose Ingraham presented a resolution in support of greater availability of menstrual products on the campus.

Senator and author of SR3605, Angel Algarin, decided to create the resolution after being inspired by a recent PantherNOW article titled “FIU Should Offer Feminine Hygiene Products to Women”, which touched on this issue.

While Algarin was unable to vote because of his partial absence at the meeting, the resolution still passed with a unanimous 26 yays. 

Students sometimes feel unprepared when receiving their period in public, one of the reasons SGA wants to provide products like tampons and sanitary pads in women’s bathrooms. 

Market research company, Harris Interactive, found that 86% of people had started their period in public without the menstrual supplies they needed. Currently the only designated location on campus that provides individuals with free menstrual products is the Women’s Center.

Other areas on campus like the Pharmaboxes, RechargeU and Breezeway Cafe require students to pay for their sanitary needs.

Ingraham made a point suggesting that many people who menstruate feel it is taboo to even discuss their period cycles because of the absence of menstruation discussion. This emphasized another need for open and accessible menstruation products.

“Free feminine products showcase a tangible commitment to women in the workplace and at school,” said Ingraham.

Supporters of the resolution made clear that it is a human right to obtain free menstrual products, as the occurrence of period cycles is natural and generally uncontrollable.

The discussion in Senate came to a turning point when the topic of gender diverse individuals arose. The resolution generally focused on female-presenting peoples’ need for “feminine products,” however, the resolution failed to mention other genders’ assigned female at birth who could make use of these goods.

At that moment, their proposal gained strength by displaying a larger percentage of people who could benefit from this resolution.

The resolution plans to develop machines on campus holding menstrual products such as tampons and sanitary pads for people to use at their disposal.

“We’re reaching out to majority women’s organizations on campus, sororities, and Women in Computer Science to gather their support as well,” said Ingraham.

 Krystal Luciano, a junior at FIU sat in on the Senate meeting, offering their support of the resolution.

“I’m just glad I won’t have to do the dreaded walk to the bathroom with a pad in my hand when I unexpectedly get my period in school,” they said after the resolution passed.                                                      

If all works in favor of the resolution, Algarin and Ingraham hope to expand the plan to include both Biscayne Bay and I-75 campuses.

As the plan progresses, SGA looks forward to meeting with President Mark B. Rosenberg in anticipation of the resolution’s final outcome.

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