DUELING COLUMN: Free Condoms Reflect Liberal Bias On Campus

Ernesto Antunez/Staff Writer

It’s not surprising that a liberal university such as FIU is in the business of freely distributing condoms to its student body.

This isn’t a benign program, but a calculated offensive waged by universities like FIU against those students who come from a conservative and religious background. 

Part of coming from such a background is the inherent respect given for the power of human sexuality and the need for its delicate handling by among other things placing numerous constraints upon it. Needless to say, this sort of thinking is not only branded by the liberal bias on campus as reactionary and patriarchal, but isn’t even seen as a legitimate opinion regarding sex. It’s instead regarded as a moral failure requiring active reeducation and lifestyle adjustment. 

Every conservative and religious student should therefore come to the realization that the free flow of condoms on campus is meant to spite their worldview and to serve as a cheap temptation to unchastity, as well as a signal that it would be best if they “loosened up” and began to discard certain “problematic” lifestyle choices like chastity. 

The economics of this program is one of its most insidious aspects in that not only are these programs used to make a laughingstock of such students, but the very tuition paid by these students and their parents is used to fund these programs, such as those available at the Student Health Center. They’re essentially paying for the privilege of being mocked and subverted.

FIU and its supporters would deny this attempt at subversion by deflecting and talking about the need for “sexual health.” The Student Health Center states that it seeks to “create a comfortable environment encouraging students to be sexually responsible” by giving out free condoms and lubricants as well as an HIV counseling and testing services. 

FIU therefore seems to be much less concerned about whether the reproductive organs of its students are actually biologically healthy rather than whether they’re used sexually as much as the University and its supporters would like them to be. 

And since abstinence or taking a “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude to sex is laughed at from the get-go, condoms must be freely distributed to make sure all this hoped for sexual use is done in a “healthy” manner so that STDs can be contained on campus.

Condoms are only required for “sexual health” if your faulty idea of “sexual health” is only directed towards the arena of sexual experiences, not the actual organs themselves. 

If conservative and religious students were to think more deeply about this entire situation,  perhaps they’d grow enraged that the University is not only putting its heavy thumb on the scales towards unchastity and upholding the free love ideals of the sexual revolution by its free distribution of condoms, but actually charging such students for the pleasure of having their lifestyles and worldviews belittled. 

It’s therefore high time for FIU to step off the scale and at least pretend to be neutral when it comes to ideological issues regarding sex. The free distribution of condoms on campus should cease at once and it should be the private choice of each individual student whether or not to acquire condoms and, if so, on their own time and their own dime.

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