Italian Rockstar Calms FIU Students with Music and Meditation

Students gathered to learn about the Italian rock band singer and poet Gio Evan in a lecture that was presented fully in Italian. Pictures: Evan broke down Italian words and philosophically evaluated them to find deeper meanings behind them. Irina Barneda/PantherNOW

Irina Barneda/Staff Writer

After exploring the world and seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, waterfalls in Argentina and meditating with monks in India, Italian singer Gio Evan gave FIU students an insight to his life of adventure, poetry and music.

Local high school students, The Italian Club at FIU members and other FIU students gathered to learn about the Italian rock band singer and poet Gio Evan in a lecture that was presented fully in Italian on Nov. 15.

“The lecture surprised me because I wasn’t expecting so many high school students,” said criminal justice student Gabriela Peters. “I think it is wonderful that younger generations are learning about something so deep and cultural, and I am impressed that schools are having field trips like this to experience something very different and unique.”

Evan began his musical career in 2012, but he has been writing poetry for much longer.

He shared that he was ridiculed as a child for always showing an interest in poetry instead of sports and “normal” things.

During the lecture, he spoke of responsibility, love, self-esteem, individuality and the sense of being.

As part of his presentation, Evan broke down words and philosophically evaluated them to find deeper meanings behind them.

He also explained the romantic past associated with the Italian language.

He asked, “Is it is a coincidence that infamous artists such as da Vinci, Fibonacci and Fermi all speak Italian, or is it the Italian language itself that sparks inspiration?”

His own inspiration to make music began with poetry. When he was younger, he realized that it wasn’t enough for him to write poems because some of his words needed to be expressed with music.

“I started with poetry but then noticed that some words had higher pitches than others when spoken out loud, so I realized that those words would sound better with higher frequencies… meaning they needed to be put into song,” Evan said.

Evan shared advice on how to find calm among chaos.

“Even with everything I do, life is easy to balance because I learned that everything isn’t about me anymore,” said Evan. “I think the most important thing is to take life with lightness and don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Evan also explained his proudest personal accomplishment.

“I am the most proud about not thinking about only myself,” said Evan. “Now I am part of the whole world and it isn’t just myself anymore. I found a greater sense of being. I am a manifestation of poetry.”

Evan lived in India for two years and when asked about how he communicated with people while living there, he said it was easy.

“I communicated on a profound level. As a poet, you communicate through love,” said Evan. “I communicate by getting to know the person, the individual. When communicating with another culture, race or nationality, words only help to define something that can be said in silence with actions and the openness to understand.”

Evan had a clear idea of why he chose to live in India.

“I chose India because I practice a lot of meditation and yoga,” said Evan. “India was a great place for that in comparison to Italy.”

Mid-lecture, Evan recited a self-written poem and also performed one of his original songs.

“I thought it was really cool and sweet that the rock band actually performed a song for us and his speech was amazing,” said Peters. “I was impressed.”

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