Disney+ Brings Out Joy and Frustration from Audiences

Disney+ is a new streaming service that has brought both joy and frustration to audiences. FIU professor and students shared their points of view on it. Raphael Alegbeleye/PantherNOW

Guido Gonzalez/Staff Writer

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, is bringing a whole new world of content to millions of viewers in its first month alone.

Although Disney is not the first or the last to join the growing ranks of streaming services that include Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, it does have a competitive edge.

“Disney has a strong brand identity that is desirable to potential viewers,” said FIU journalism professor Lorna Veraldi. “They can compete by just making programming in which viewers will expect a certain quality.”

Disney+ contains a massive library of films, television shows and cartoons despite still being in its infancy.

It contains films belonging to franchise juggernauts Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as Pixar and Disney Animation Studios.

It also includes all 30 seasons of The Simpsons, thanks to Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in the same year, and content from National Geographic.

Jay Tantivit, an accounting major, was brought up with Disney films and merchandise and is a huge fan of their works. For him, the existence of a streaming service by Disney with endless content was an answer to his prayers and a cure for his nostalgia.

“With the streaming service, I have an arsenal of Disney movies I can just be watching at home and the selection is quite wide,” said Tantivit.

Despite his affinity for Disney, Tantivit does admit that the streaming service does suffer from several technical issues that he finds irritating.

“Because Disney’s so new to the streaming game, they should have tested it more,” he said.

One issue he found was that Disney+ did not have a watch history and a list of recommendations that other streaming services provide.

Other issues include having to restart whatever he was watching from the beginning every time he exits the app or closes the window, depending on the device he would use.

He also couldn’t disable autoplay and sometimes he would not know the name of a TV show episode that he was watching.

Disney’s technical issues with its streaming site isn’t the only issue it faces.

One of the growing sentiments many people are having is frustration over the growing presence of streaming services and paying subscriptions in order to view their content.

“As more and more services become available, there is a certain point at which the cost of those accumulated services becomes burdensome,” said Veraldi. “People just will not subscribe to one more service.”

Another result of the growing amount of streaming services is that more and more people are also turning to pirating as an alternative.

“I think that the technology and the cost of streaming services is probably going to mean that there are gonna be continued issues with people trying to access them for free,” Veraldi said.

Tantivit also voiced his frustration with having to pay for many streaming services.

“Having all these subscription services is annoying,” said. Tantivit. “We’re paying a lot of money to watch shows on different services.”

Whether or not Disney+ will contain any more issues and hopefully resolve them is still up in the air as the streaming service is still within its first few weeks of release.

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