Bigfoot Sighting On Campus to Be Featured On Travel Channel

Laura Antunez/Staff Writer

A mysterious Bigfoot was seen walking around campus and going through trash last week and was recorded by a student.

Luckily, FIU scientist Mireya Mayor acquired in depth knowledge about Bigfoot and tracking techniques during her work on the Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot.

“There was a lot of stuff out there that science can’t explain,” said Mireya Mayor, anthropologist, primatologist and FIU director of the Exploration and Science Communications Initiative.

 Mayor aids in the search for Bigfoot among three Bigfoot researchers for three weeks in the Oregon wilderness. 

The first episode was streamed in the GC Pit on Sunday and a Q&A with Mayor led by Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill followed after to an audience of about 60. 

The episode centered around the team including Mayor, using advanced equipment to find evidence of Bigfoot. 

“We were going to be given a lot of tools we don’t normally have access to,” said Mayor.

Mayor’s role among the group was to look for tangible scientific evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. According to her, she is a curious skeptic and wanted to find hard evidence. 

Mayor’s prior experience of co-discovering the world’s smallest primate also helped influence her decision to join the Expedition Bigfoot team. 

“I know there’s still so much out there in the natural world and we’re making discoveries all the time,” said Mayor. 

This was the first time Mayor had ever done extensive research on Bigfoot, and her experiences left her thinking that it is in fact, possible. 

“We were out there in these woods, and this forest felt very different. It was a sort of a creepy feeling,” Mayor said. 

The episode concluded with one of the team members coming down with an unexplained illness that forced him to be hospitalized. Mayor said that doctors did not know what caused the illness. 

“What is science except the quest to answer mysteries?” said Mayor. 

The next episode of Expedition Bigfoot will air this Sunday at 10 p.m.


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