Impeachment Is A Mistake

Damielys Duarte/Staff Writer

After years of empty threats from Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment, the unimaginable has occurred: President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives.

And by far, this could be the most foolish and time-consuming move our politicians have ever made.

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, Trump was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and will now face trial in the Senate. 

The catch? The Senate is majority Republican and, due to the ambiguous nature of the charges, it’s likely he will come out of trial victorious. Keep in mind, this might have all been in vain since the 2020 presidential elections are literally around the corner.

All of which Democrats knew, and yet they still pursued impeachment. The last four years have been a nightmare with the left fighting for the president’s impeachment from the get-go instead of hunkering down and accepting the process like Republicans did with Barack Obama for eight years. 

This only serves as a pristine example of the idleness of politicians who have nothing better to do than waste our time and tax dollars. Instead of worrying about more important things such as the 2020 campaigns, global warming or legislation that improves our nation, Democrats prefer to focus on this fruitless impeachment, no matter how close elections are.

What many, including the left, don’t understand is, if Trump is impeached, there’s a line of succession to the presidency. Vice President Mike Pence would be next in the White House; although he’s a less bombastic version of his political counterpart, many Americans aren’t sure he’d be a good fit for the presidency.

And since previous presidents have been charged with more heinous crimes and gotten away scot-free, I hardly believe Trump will be the first to ever be officially removed from office. 

One recent and notable example is former President Bill Clinton, who lied under oath to a grand jury and was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. And yet he was acquitted and carried out his full term. 

Richard Nixon was known for his involvement in the Watergate scandal despite his many denials and was also charged with obstruction of justice, abuse of power and contempt of Congress, all of which he avoided by resigning from office on August 9, 1974.

What history is proving is that impeachment, although a necessary check and balance for the executive branch, has been useless in removing crime and corruption from the Oval Office. Instead, it has become a political tool used to coerce and undermine the people’s voice. And this has never been more obvious than during Trump’s presidency.

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