DUELING COLUMN: Trump’s Strike Against Iran Is Justified

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Samantha Garcia/Staff Writer

Yes, President Trump ordered a missile strike against a top Iranian general. No, we are not going to war. Yes, it was the right thing to do.

On Thursday, Jan. 2, Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian military commander and major general of Iran’s Quds Force, was assassinated in Baghdad, Iraq, by a U.S. air strike. 

On Monday, Jan. 6, our U.S Congress informed the public that Soleimani, before his death, had a history of murdering, kidnapping and torturing the Iraqui people. They claim the general was responsible for more American deaths since Osama bin Laden.   

Trump, as our commander in chief, decided to make progress in the war on terror. 

Had this man stayed alive, crimes against humanity, terrorism and violations of human rights would have been committed. As our president, Trump did his duty to protect the lives and well-being of the American people — after Soleimani planned the recent attacks on the U.S embassy in Baghdad — and decided to end his violent career by ordering a strike.

Prior to the assassination, Iran had already pushed us when Kataib Hezbollah, a powerful militia group tied to the country, attacked a joint U.S.-Iraqi base on Friday, Dec. 27, leading to the death of an American contractor. 

When someone pushes you once, you have to push them back harder or they will continue to push you. That is exactly what we did. They attacked our base; we attacked five Iranian-sponsored militia groups in Syria and Iraq with U.S. F-15 Strike Eagles. They bombed our embassy; we targeted their general.

This terrorist was taking American lives. We targeted the problem and took action to implement the most effective solution: death. Enemies of the state are and should be entitled to capital punishment.

How did we become the greatest nation? By showing the world that we were not to be messed with — an assertion of dominance that was highlighted specifically in the Cold War. Once again, the U.S made a bold move to protect our citizens, values and reputation.

Times like these require unity within the American people. We are stronger together. If we are separated in times of conflict, we are vulnerable. The most important thing to do now is move forward and prepare to defend and represent our beautiful nation.

God bless America.



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