FIU Men’s Basketball Falls To Marshall

Photo courtesy of FIU Athletics

Marshall ends FIU’s men’s basketball win streak at home in a competitive game ending with a score of 84 to 74.

In the first few minutes, Marshall already had the upper hand on the Panthers by attacking inside the paint. Where FIU failed in rim protection, they succeeded in rebound possessions. FIU gained 44 total rebounds over Marshall, with Osasumwen Osaghae leading with 11. 

FIU then took over the rest of the half of the game. FIU would respond back to Marshall with cross pass movement and layups eventually tying with them. The Panther’s assists and 25% three point shooting gave FIU the upper hand of the remaining minutes of the game. 

Trejon Jacobs was active on the court, scoring 23 points and shot 64% on the perimeter.  

FIU had the advantage in the last few minutes of the first half, but they failed to score consistently throughout the rest of the game. FIU was 26 for 68 on the floor with FIU’s lead lasting till the first few minutes of the second half. From then on it was only poor shooting and multiple turnovers.

Marshall owned the rest of the game with their more effective 67% scoring and defensive rebounds possessions.

FIU will finish the night with the Panthers losing their first game at home against Marshall, coached by Dan D’Antoni. 

The Panthers hope to bounce back from the loss against Western Kentucky at Panther territory.  

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