Global Game Jam Provides Resources for Game Developers

2020's Global Game Jam provided resurces for future and current game developers. Students won prizes on creating games for Microsoft. Photo courtesy of Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

Christopher Ramirez/Staff Writer 

Future professional game developers and casual beginners of developing joined the biggest coordinated event of game developing at the Global Game Jam.

The Global Game Jam is an annual event, hosted by FIU’s School of Computing and Information Sciences and Upsilon Pi Epsilon that gives students a chance to better their tech skills.

Students competed with each other to develop the best game chosen by vote.

Former FIU student Rafael Morales explained how the ending of the Global Game Jam worked.

“Students present their work at the end of the event. The game can be anything, even a card game or a board game, as long as it’s appropriate,” Morales said.

The winning games of the event were “FixIt95” game for first place, “Science Fixin” for second and “Re-air” for third place. 

All three are free to access only on Windows through this link:

In addition to the competition, a variety of workshops between Jan. 31 to Feb. 2 featured 2D world building to virtual reality.

2D and 3D worldbuilding is recommended for beginners. 

“The story, graphics and difficulty are what make the best game,” said Jack Nijamov, a professional developer. 

Nijamov said that while graphics themselves can attract an audience, a story is what keeps the audience intrigued. He said that the difficulty of a game is what makes it accessible to a target audience. 

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