Learn How To Negotiate Your First Job’s Salary

By: Jordan Coll/Assistant News Director

38 percent of college graduates entering the workforce will negotiate salaries with their employers, according to Audrey Johnson, Assistant Director of Career Coaching for Career and Talent Development. 

In an effort to educate students on how to enter the workforce more confidently and successfully, Career and Talent Development is hosting various workshops. One of these events is the Salary Negotiation, which took place on Feb. 14.

According to the event post, the purpose of it is to provide students with the necessary skills to negotiate, research the market, and position themselves in the current job market.

“Students come out of college unsure of how to bargain with their own salaries and are satisfied with what the company is providing them with,” said Johnson.

The lecture covered several tips of approaching your employer in seeking out the most professional ways in receiving job benefits. The principle of negotiation, better ways of negotiating your salary, how to apply for an internship and making a resume were several points she covered throughout the workshop.

“How much is your degree really worth? Look into what the market is demanding for and know your numbers before entering an interview” said Johnson.

The importance of knowing how much you are worth was emphasized throughout the discussion.

Student engagement is essential in building up your portfolio as well as internships, this will show your employer that you are experienced in your field. 

Some strategies that students took from this event are:

  • Research comparable salaries
  • Look into the market demand (benefits and workers compensation)
  • Research Market Trend 
  • Consider the location of where employer assigns 

“Confidence is crucial as well, go in with a sense of ownership,” said Johnson as students head to their interviews. According to Johnson, when negotiating for a salary always provides a range never a precise value, this will give room to settle an arrangement.

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