Letter To The Editor: Signs Can Change Student Opinion

Gabriella Pinos/PantherNOW

Cory Fairfield/Guest Columnist

I would like first to say that my opinion, like that of PantherNOW’s editorial board, represents only one of many perspectives around the discussion of abortion. Everything from the environment that we are raised in, to our biological gender, our relationship status and the experiences that we’ve had throughout our lives has implications on our beliefs and makes it difficult to determine what’s right and wrong.

For PantherNOW, as well as other students, the graphic images displayed in the Graham Center Lawns were “gruesome” and caused potential trauma for some of our University’s onlooking students. They contend that these signs “…did very little to address the very complex issue that is abortion” and that it would be more productive “…in the form of a panel or forum at our University—rather than gory images staring students down on their way to class.”

But how many of our students show up to voluntary panel discussions and forums, especially when they involve such a controversial topic? There is a reason that students and writers are talking about these graphic signs and not about paneled discussions or roundtables. While words are mere representations of our own realities that are often softened for acceptance, photographs offer a snapshot of what has physically taken place, something words usually can’t do. Although, this is precisely why many students feel so uncomfortable with these images. They don’t want to come face to face with the experience. 

Contrary to the editorial’s stance on the images presented, the graphic signs in the GC lawns have likely had the most significant impact on my current stance on abortion over the last few years. Many students, including myself in earlier years, never considered what abortion entailed. It was merely a means of stopping pregnancy. When people talk about abortion, they usually fail to discuss how the procedure works. I believe that students need to be accountable for the choices that they make. To do so, they need to understand the implications of their actions fully. In this case, that means being aware of what abortion is (e.g., via the graphic images in the lawn).

The end of the piece implies that the current tactics of the abortion protesters will likely ensure that they and other students won’t change their minds about the issue, and this may be the case. But for some such as myself, the signs worked.

Cory Fairfield is a doctoral student studying adult education and human resource development.

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