FIU Baseball Swept by Pepperdine, Fall to 7-3

Photo courtesy of FIU Athletics

Richard Gibson/Staff Writer

Desperately needing a win to get something out of the series, FIU needed to light up the scoreboard and play shut out defense. Two straight losses to Pepperdine have seen FIU trail early and force their way back. Unfortunately, neither of those things happened in today’s match with the Waves, as Pepperdine railed FIU in a 12-2 beatdown. 

Pepperdine began their day early in the first inning, with a walk then triple, scoring the first run of the day. Two more singles brought in another runner, and the Waves were already out to a 2-0 lead. Alec Sanchez for FIU singled, but no runs would be scored for FIU. 

The second inning for Pepperdine was just as busy. A combination of a single and an error on FIU brought in another run. An RBI signal brought home another run, and Pepperdine increased their lead to 4-0. For FIU, Juan Teixeira singled, then Luis Chavez walked, but FIU still couldn’t convert them into runs. 

Pepperdine’s third inning was surprisingly quiet, only consisting of a single and walk. FIU followed suit and did nothing in their time at-bat.

The fourth inning is where the game began to get away for FIU. Pepperdine began the rout with a single, double, then an intentional walk. A single RBI brought home two more runs. Not long after, a home run that brought in three more runs signified today’s game, and the Waves now lead 9-0. FIU had no answer, with a quick 1-2-3 series. 

Two singles then an RBI brought home another run for Pepperdine in the fifth inning. Teixiera earned another single, but they wouldn’t get any runs, now facing a 10-0 deficit. 

The sixth inning for the Waves had no hits, but two walks and a batter being hit by a pitch, but no runs. For FIU, Alec Sanchez put up another single, but the lackluster offense ensued, and FIU was still scoreless heading to the seventh inning. 

Pepperdine singled in the seventh inning, but couldn’t get any more runs- not that it mattered since their goal was to play containment on defense. Ben Rozenblum and Juan Teixiera both singled for FIU, but the shutout for Pepperdine continued, and FIU needed to score 10 runs in only two innings. 

The eighth inning for Pepperdine began with a single then double, adding another run. An RBI single brought in Pepperdione’s final run, and their lead was now 12-0. Fortunately, FIU now had an answer for the Waves on offense. Derek Cartaya walked, then a home run by Logan Allen, the pitcher, brought in two runs. That was it for FIU, who cut the lead to 12-2. 

Three straight outs for Pepperdine in the ninth inning meant FIU was up. Cartaya walked, but three straight outs put the game away, and FIU would fall by a score of 12-2.

FIU only put up eight hits in 35 at-bats in today’s outing, though Allen certainly impressed with his two-run homer. Pepperdine put up 16 hits in 42 at-bats, though also got six walks, and both teams achieved an error. 

The Panthers now had a record of 7-3, and are tied for fourth place in Conference USA with Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky. FIU will now begin a three-game home series against the Penn Quakers on Friday, March 6th at 7 p.m. The series continues on Saturday, March 7th at 6 p.m, then wraps up on Sunday, March 8th at noon.

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