Student Hit By Car While Crossing 8th Street

A student was hit by a car while trying to cross 8th Street last night. Photo: Jordan Coll/PantherNOW

Jordan Coll/Asst. News Director

An FIU student was hit by a vehicle around 11 p.m. Monday night while crossing SW 8th St. on 109 Ave. Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after and blocked the intersection. Paramedics arrived a few minutes after. 

Two students were crossing the road on their bikes when a vehicle hit a female student throwing her off her bike. The pedestrian signal was still red when the two students tried to cross.

Immediately after the accident two bystanders helped move the student to the side of the road. She was not moving but could talk to the police officer who asked if she was able to move, the student suggested she was in pain.

Paramedics wheeled the student into an ambulance but would not give details on her condition or which hospital she would receive care at.

The driver that hit the student was an older male in a white Toyota echo. Paramedics were able to take her away from the scene as police officers spoke to two of the witnesses that were there at the time of incident.

Police refused to comment at the time of the incident and neither witness wished to comment on the record after speaking to police.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated.

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