C-USA Cancels Spring Sport Season Due To Coronavirus

Programs at FIU like Softball will see their season come to an end. Photo courtesy of FIU Athletics

Dalton Tevlin/Sports Director

Conference USA has officially announced that all spring sports seasons will come to an end in an effort to combat the spreading coronavirus. 

The conference board of governors announced their unanimous decision via press release late last night. 

“Effective immediately by a unanimous vote of the Conference USA Board of Directors, all spring sport competition and championships have been canceled,” said the release. 

This decision marks the end of the season for FIU baseball, softball, track and field, and spring football. 

For many FIU seniors, this is a tough way to end the season but many may have the opportunity to return for one more year. 

The NCAA announced last week they are working to provide “eligibility relief” for all seniors playing in spring sports. 

With the Florida Board of Governors recommended all universities remain remote through spring and summer A, this issue could extend into the fall. 

PantherNOW will continue to provide updates on the current coronavirus pandemic. 

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