Coronavirus Has Shut Down Almost Everything. Here’s How One FIU Club Is Staying Social

FIU Geek Culture Club hosted an online movie night on Discord after FIU announced that all classes had to be moved online.

Jason Grioua/Contributing Writer

After FIU announced that all classes would move online for the rest of the Spring semester and all events had to be delayed or cancelled, some clubs moved their meetings online.

The Geek Culture Club held a movie night on Wednesday to watch “Ponyo,” a Japanese animated fantasy film about a goldfish that turns into a human girl. The watch party was held on Discord, a communication app.

After the film finished, members of the Geek Culture Club were asked about how things have been.

“I felt very heartbroken about the transition and cancellation of the events, to be honest, but it’s very important to us to keep our members informed as much as we can,” said Mariana Chacon, the president of the Geek Culture Club.

The announcement of moving all classes online happened in the middle of a meeting. It was shocking, said Armando Montesino, the social media manager of the Geek Culture Club.

However, the club still intends to keep having meetings.

“Our meetings and events are being held on the same days and times, but we are adjusting activities to fit the online method better,” Chacon said. “For example, we are streaming anime movies or cartoons and chatting together online during it. I also have plans for online video game meetups.”

Chacon explained how different things have gotten now that events are less member-directed than before, but the events they’re currently planning are probably going to get some people interested.

“We plan to continue streaming shows and movies as well as having online gaming. This Friday, Animal Crossing is coming out and we will be streaming the game as well as visiting each other online,” she said.

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo.

“Our members were a bit stressed at the beginning of the changes, but we’ve been able to express our thoughts, which is awesome because that’s what our club’s all about,” said Montesino.

Chacon agreed.

“People were worried about what’s going on, but they are happy that we’re finding ways to adjust to keep the club going,” she said.

With everyone being indoors and not able to be as active as they were before, being able to stay active in their communities has allowed people to stay positive.

“We’re all talking and bonding online, which is awesome when we’re all apart at the moment due to certain circumstances,” Chacon said.

To learn more about upcoming meetings and events for the Geek Culture Club, visit their Instagram @geekculturefiu

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