J Balvin Pours Out Good Vibes in “Colores”

J Balvin, the Colombian reggaeton singer, has released his new album "Colores," featuring 10 songs, all with the names of colors. Photo: Cover art of "Colores."

Felipe Cisternas/Staff Writer

Music is medicine and a good vibration for reminders that we can be optimistic about life. Jose Osorio Balvin, the popular reggaeton and Latino pop singer born in Medellin, Colombia, released his new album “Colores”, sending a message of hope, tranquility and meditation.

Since its worldwide release on Thursday, Mar. 19, “Colores” has charted #1 in Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Analyzing his lyrics, J Balvin has always defined himself differently from his reggaeton peers in the sense that his songs are appealing to all ages and for families to listen to together. 

This approach has made him marketable and recognizable in reggaeton, a genre typically overlooked for its sexually explicit and violent content. 

“Colores” brings a distinct and fresh take to J Balvin’s music. Each song is a color, signifying a different application to how we should take on life. 

In this album, he counts on collaborations from two famous dance music producers, DJ Snake and Diplo, and also Sky Rompiendo, his frequent Latino producer and Colombian compatriot.  

“Blanco,” the standout song in “Colores” incorporates hip hop, urban Latino and reggaeton beats. J Balvin sends out a message of how far he has come since starting out in a poor neighborhood he grew up in to now achieving stardom as a crossover star.  

The singer raps about his humble beginnings, his collaboration with Benny Blanco, basking in success and a comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo netting goals have him feeling like the dominator of his genre. 

“Azul” emits calmness and like the color of the sea, it brings peace and vibrations to the soul. 

“Morado” is the track that should be blasted on speakers at every party. It has the mood and danceable feeling to get everyone up on their feet.  

“Amarillo” shows the EDM side of J Balvin, where one feels that happiness, the feeling the color yellow creates, is the takeaway after listening to it.

“Rojo” is a breakup song that talks about a relationship the artist wants to reinitiate, but both him and the girl he sings about have been through a lot of pain which makes it impossible to get back together. “Rojo” sounds a bit more pop and less urban than what his fans usually expect from his catalog. 

Overall, the album feels consistent. Every track will have the avid music listener feeling good and happy with his new repertoire of songs. J Balvin is the current king of reggaeton and shows no signs of stopping in commanding his reign of the popular genre.

Rating: 10/10

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