With The 2020 MLB Draft In Limbo, FIU Seniors Are Ready To Return

Juan Teixeira during the 2019 baseball season. Photo courtesy of FIU Athletics.

Dalton Tevlin/Sports Director

With the 2019-2020 baseball season coming to an abrupt halt, there has been a mystery as to what the future of FIU baseball will look like. 

While the college baseball season is over, many of FIU’s seniors may miss the opportunity to make it to the next level this year. 

Major League Baseball has discussed postponing or canceling the 2020 MLB draft, many baseball seniors will have their dreams put on hold. 

FIU baseball has six seniors on the roster, all with hopes that they can take their careers to the next level.

Now, the NCAA has already said they will grant all spring athletes with eligibility relief, allowing seniors to return for one more season. 

This will allow FIU seniors like Juan Teixeira to come back and finish out his senior year. 

Teixeira, who plays left field for the Panthers, was having a stellar beginning of the season before the cancellation. He was batting .482 along with two home runs and 14 RBIs. 

Teixeira was likely making waves across MLB circles with his impressive start to the season, but with the draft potentially in jeopardy, so may Teixeira’s dream. 

“I would love to get drafted. But I can’t control that. I can’t control what the teams think about my game. But if it doesn’t happen, I would love to go back for my last year.” said Teixeira.

Although his dream to head to the MLB may be put on hold, Teixeira is more than ready to play out his senior season with his teammates. 

“I really don’t mind going at it again with my teammates for another year, it’s a blessing to be able to play with them one more time and go through the grind together,” said Teixeira.

For Teixeira, returning to FIU doesn’t just mean another year with his teammates, but another year playing with his brother as well. 

JJ Teixeira, Juan’s younger brother, is a redshirt freshman pitcher for FIU baseball. 

JJ feels that along with his older brother, FIU’s seniors are ready to come back and finish what they started next year.

“We believe that all of our seniors are happy with this move and are already looking forward to coming back for next year” said JJ Teixeira

With no end in sight for the Coronavirus pandemic, much is still up in the air. 

Will the MLB hold a draft? If so, just how many FIU seniors will take advantage of their extra year of eligibility? Only time will tell if these FIU seniors will be able to fulfill their dreams and play professionally. 

PantherNOW will continue to update you on all things Coronavirus and FIU athletics. 

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