UPDATE: All Results Released for SGA Elections

2020 SGA executive candidates. From left to right: Rose Ingraham, Molly Schantz, Alexandra Valdes, Alexandra Ibarria.

By: Teresa Schuster / Staff Writer

The Elections Board at the Modesto Maidique Campus released this year’s Student Government Association election Senate results Tuesday, and presidential results Thursday.

Alexandra Valdes and Alexandra Ibarria of The Future Is You party will be students’ next SGA president and vice-president.

On the other hand, SGC-BBC will not have a president because no one signed up to run

A full list of the newly elected senators and their positions can be found below.

As we reported recently, this year’s elections were riddled with misconduct. A total of 11 elections violation cases were decided, involving candidates, students, and current SGA officials. Some students questioned the validity of the election itself.

SGC-MMC elections commissioner Tatiana Arevalo said the results for president and vice-president would be announced Thursday since two of the candidates were in the midst of an appeals process.

Presidential and vice-presidential candidates Rose Ingraham and Molly Schantz of the Roar! party were both disqualified the night before elections began, with students being notified mid-election after many had already cast their votes.

Ingraham and Schantz remained on the ballot, and appealed the ruling, arguing the court failed to follow proper procedure. On April 16, their appeal was granted, with Elizabeth Bejar, senior vice president for academic and student affairs, writing the court did not have jurisdiction over the case.

Roar! graduate senator Angel Algarin was also disqualified but reinstated in the race. Newly elected senator Jourdan (Ha) Le was separately disqualified but is also appealing. Thursday’s updated senate results are below.

No one ran for an executive position at the Biscayne Bay Campus. Their two senate candidates won unopposed.

The two ballot referendums also passed, and will be added to the SGA’s constitution.

At MMC, 22 senators are from The Future Is You party, 11 are from the Roar! party, and three are independents.

The election results are as follows:

Modesto Maidique Campus

Graduate School:

Christian Perez – Roar!

Sandro Alvarez – n/a

Shahnawaz Rafi – The Future Is You

Angel Algarin – Roar!

Lower Division:

Giacomo Natteri – The Future Is You

Ivette Borges – The Future Is You

James Magee – Roar!

Sergio Reyes – The Future Is You

Senator At Large:

Ashley Nunez – Roar!

Julio Borges – The Future Is You

Rafael Vazquez – The Future Is You

Architecture and the Arts:

Carlos Ortiz – The Future Is You


David Torrens – The Future Is You

Karla Sofia Perez – Roar!

Kristina Khudiakova – The Future Is You

Nicholas Pastrana – The Future Is You

College of Arts, Science, and Education:

Amanda Ramierez – The Future Is You

Ari Salzman – The Future Is You

Bryan Gomez- The Future Is You

Damian Badia – The Future Is You

Isabela Llop – The Future Is You

Janelle Fraga – The Future Is You

Jordan Morejon Castelli – n/a

Salma Atassi – The Future Is You

Engineering and Computing:

Christhofer Lugo – n/a

Hiba Khalil – Roar!

Honors College:

Amelia Raudales – The Future Is You


Allen Mendes – Roar!

Elisabeth Nylander – The Future Is You

International and Public Affairs:

Cristina Vale – The Future Is You

Jourdan (Ha) Le – Roar!

Ryan Rodriguez – Roar!

Nursing and Health Sciences:

Jocelyn Correa – Roar!

Marilyn Gonzalez – The Future Is You

Sophonie Rosier – Roar!

Public Health and Social Work:

Brianna Pumariega – The Future Is You

Biscayne Bay Campus

At Large:

Melissa Hernandez-Bautista – n/a

Health Services Administration:

Diamond Barnett – n/a

SGA elections were held online on April 7 and 8.

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