SGA Begins New Session, Applications Are Now Open

Teresa Schuster / Staff Writer

SGA is transitioning into a new senate session through zoom, and other SGA positions are now open for applicants.

Last Monday, the senate elected Janelle Fraga the new senate speaker, and Bryan Gomez the speaker pro-tempore.

SGA senators graphic from Instagram account

The Senate also elected new committee chairs Giacomo Natteri for the Finance Committee, Ari Salzman for the Rules, Legislation, and Judiciary Committee, Ivette Borges for the Operational Review Committee, Carlos Ortiz for the Internal Affairs Committee, Amanda Ramierez for the Student Advocacy Committee, and Elisabeth Nylander for the Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee.

Committee members, along with the Graduate and Professional Student Committee chair, will be appointed in future meetings.

“I’m incredibly excited for this year,” said Fraga. “We’re still in the beginning stages of everything and transitioning, but as soon as we have all of our committees set we want to start working on ways to help students.”

Gomez echoed Fraga’s sentiments.

“I want to help all the senators get on track and make sure we hit the ground running,” Gomez said.

Screenshot of SGA senate meeting on May.18

Applications for positions in the SGA cabinet, judicial branch, and elections board are open until May 25th, at

Students can apply for secretary positions involving governmental relations, media relations, sustainability, social justice, and athletics, judicial branch positions such as associate justice and clerk, and positions on the 2020-2021 elections board.

Senate meetings are every Monday at 4:00 p.m. via Zoom. Open to students and the public, they can be accessed at

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