Ellie Goulding Shines in “Brightest Blue”

Ellie Goulding released her fourth studio album, "Brightest Blue" on July 17.

Felipe Cisternas/Staff Writer

Ellie Goulding’s impeccable songwriting and electro pop music style return better than ever in her fourth studio album. 

Goulding, who’s best known for her debut single “Lights” and her pop hit, “Love Me Like You Do,” hones her signature lyrical skills in the first half of her album “Brightest Blue,”as she sings about her personal life, including past relationships. In the other half, dubbed EG.0, she collaborates with diverse artists including Juice WRLD and Blackbear. 

Her latest release which debuted on July 17, demonstrates how the British star has grown as both a songwriter and singer.

The songs feature a heavy production relying on electronic music and synthpop. This is Goulding’s style, where she can exuberate her strong talents as a powerhouse songwriter.  

“Close to Me” is one of the standout tracks in Goulding’s latest album. Featuring Swae Lee and co-produced by Diplo, this song is the first she has experimented with urban music, making it unlike any other song she has released. 

Another top track on the album, “Slow Grenade,” features rising popstar, Lauv. In this collaboration, electronic music meets a slow pop ballad as Goulding shares stories of her past relationships and compares it to a ticking grenade. 

Goulding is deep in her comfort zone in this album with acoustic tracks like “Bleach”, a blend of her strong vocals and guitar and “Flux,” a soft piano ballad. In her title track, “Brightest Blue,” she shows her signature power of creating a delicate song which you can also bop to on your speakers. 

This album hones in Goulding’s hip hop and trap music as well. “Hate Me” is a collaboration with the late rapper Juice WRLD, which dominated the radio last year. The track is memorable for its repetition in its chorus and darker pop sound.

Goulding shows constant evolution by being a dominant pop female artist in the music industry. Throughout her whole career, she shows why she deserves to be where she is now, her hard work and determination have skyrocketed her career to epic heights.

Overall, Goulding keeps entertaining with her mix of soulful ballads, lyrical content and great electronic production in her new album. 

Rating: 10/10

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