Face Masks Added to FIU Bookstore Inventory

Angela Rivas/Contributing Writer

With FIU’s proposed reopening in the fall, there are many guidelines all students and faculty need to comply with. One of those guidelines is the requirement of face coverings at all times while on campus. 

Due to this, the FIU bookstore has added face coverings as part of their online inventory. There are three different masks currently available on the bookstore website: disposable, KN95 and washable. 

One face mask coming soon features FIU’s panther logo and colors. This mask will also come with a replaceable filter. 

The two washable masks will be available in a variety of colors such as red, grey, green, purple and blue. They will come in either a pack of two or six. According to the FIU website, these masks will come in one-size-fits-all. 

Another product listed on the website is called The Stadium Essentials Bag, which is a stadium-approved clear bag with a three-layer navy or black face mask, hand sanitizer and a no-touch keychain with a door opening hook and stylus tip. 

The no-touch keychain can be used to limit touching high-contact areas on campus, like door handles, and therefore limiting the spread of COVID-19. 

The keychain is currently not sold separately.

Unlike other sites that sell face masks, FIU will not limit the number of masks people can purchase.

At this time, the FIU bookstore remains closed.

“We will reopen once we all believe it is safe and appropriate to do so,” said Comiskey. 

The masks are available online and will be in stores once the bookstore reopens.

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