Revisions to SGA’s Constitution Would Merge MMC and BBC Councils

SGC-MMC President Alexandra Valdes speaks about the proposed revisions

By: Teresa Schuster / Staff Writer

Coming as a shock to Biscayne Bay Campus officials, the president of the Modesto Maidique Campus Student Government Council, Alexandra Valdes, announced revisions to the constitution are being proposed to merge the two student government councils.

“Not even our adviser knew about this,” said SGC-BBC Chief Justice Keanu Orfano. “It caught me as a huge surprise.”

SGA is currently divided into two councils, one at each campus. Each has its own president, senate, and judicial branch.

The current two-council structure has “hindered the activity of [SGA],” according to Valdes in a speech during today’s senate meeting.

If the revisions are approved, SGA would be restructured, according to Valdes.

Its legislative branch would be altered to give each college one senate seat regardless of which campus it was based in. Colleges with more than 15,000 students would receive an additional senate seat. Also, two additional lower-division senator positions would be added, one from each campus.

New staff positions such as new governor, lieutenant governor, and staff positions would be created to oversee the BBC campus.

The revisions would go into effect if and when they are approved by FIU’s administration.

The proposal comes after FIU hosted a workshop for students to share their thoughts on the potential merger. Only three BBC students attended, and all spoke against it.

“We have established town halls with many students from both campuses…[we] have heard the concerns from the student body,” Valdes told senators at today’s meeting.

The merger has been a contentious issue for years. In 2018, it was proposed but abandoned after BBC students and SGA members fought against it.

This article will be updated with more information on the proposed merger and constitutional revisions.