FIU Theatre and BOLD Release Animal Crossing Outfits

FIU Theatre short-sleeve tee featured in Animal Crossing. (Photo courtesy of @fiutheatre instagram)

Elise Gregg//Staff Writer

Over the course of 2020, Animal Crossings: New Horizons has become incredibly popular, selling 22.4 million copies globally within the first four months alone. Three weeks ago, FIU Theatre released clothing designs for characters to wear in the game. 

Adrian Williams, a senior majoring in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications, who designed the outfits, said their goal was to showcase the personality of the theatre department and simultaneously celebrate Halloween. 

“[Since] October is known for spooky season, and it’s a very fun time of the year, we thought why not…create an engagement week [and] use Animal Crossing to get people to…see a fun side to the theatre department,” Williams said.

Ivan Lopez, a professor of Audience Development in the theatre department, said Animal Crossing was also a great way to reach college students.

“There’s a lot of people that play Animal Crossing and, and love it…we’re always looking for ways that we can connect with the students,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that the theatre department has been working with BOLD for the past two years, and that the theatre was at an advantage in connecting students through BOLD. 

“Any theater would love to have access to…that college student…demographic,” Lopez said, “BOLD helps us with that [because] who better to reach [the student] demographic than that demographic?” 

The collection is entirely FIU Theatre themed, and includes a cap, t-shirt, and hoodie. 

“I feel like those items are key items that every FIU student has,” Williams said, “I wanted to convert that into the game and make it somewhat realistic.” 

His own love of the game was partially why the idea for the designs was created. 

“I’m a diehard Animal Crossing fan,” Williams said. “Especially with the whole social distancing and quarantine, it was really comforting to play and deescalate all the tension and the hectic stuff going on.” 

Williams said that the response to the designs have been overwhelmingly positive.

“We even got some people asking to make these designs,” Williams said, “I’m not sure if that’s possible…but it made the whole team happy.” 

Lopez also said that FIU theatre received lots of positive engagement on social media.

“There were a lot of comments on our Instagram posts about it and some excitement, definitely from the people who love Animal Crossing,” Lopez said. 

Not only did Williams enjoy creating the Animal Crossing pieces, he enjoyed getting to work with and learn more about FIU Theatre. 

“I really didn’t know that much about theater… it’s been so cool to be able to see like how much hard work goes into [their] projects,” Williams said. 

Williams also commented that there are similar creative elements to both BOLD and FIU Theatre, which enhanced his experience working with them. 

“I’ve had a lot of fun working with the account,” Williams said, commending FIU Theatre for their own hard work during the pandemic. 

Although FIU theatre only gave minor feedback on the designs, Lopez said it was an exciting project for him, especially because using Animal Crossing was a new idea. 

“I loved the idea of engaging the audience in something that we normally wouldn’t,” Lopez said, “I just never thought that we could actually create these shirts and stuff like I just thought it was a great idea.”

Although there aren’t current plans to make more designs, Williams said that both BOLD and the theatre department would be willing to produce more. 

“It seems like a lot of people enjoy the designs, so definitely I’d be down to make more,” Williams said, “and I think FIU theater would be open to that.” 

To access the outfits, you can see their codes on FIU Theatre’s instagram page here. You can also see more from FIU Theatre on Instagram and BOLD FIU on their Instagram page and on Twitter.

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