Breaking News: FIU Reported 40 New Cases Last Week

Jordan Coll / News Director

FIU reported having 40 new COVID-19 cases last week, the highest number reported for both faculty and staff members working remotely or on campus.

15 students and twenty-five faculty or staff members self-reported having the virus to the university the week of Dec.6, according to the FIU COVID-19 Dashboard.

The number of staff and faculty members working remotely and on campus is the highest number of cases self-reported to the university.

Of the 15 new student cases reported last week, five were students who live or study on campus and the remaining ten were students learning remotely.

Fourteen of the twenty-five students who self-reported having the virus last week work on campus.

Cases reflected on the university’s dashboard are self-reported by students and faculty to the Student Affairs and Human Resources divisions or the FIU COVID-19 Response Team. 

The FIU dashboard divides COVID-19 cases into four categories; students living or learning on campus, students learning remotely, faculty/staff working on campus, or working remotely. 

A total of 355 cases have been self-reported to the university since the start of the fall semester sixteen weeks ago. Of the 252 students cases self-reported to the university this semester, 140 live or study on campus. 53 of the 103 faculty or staff who have self-reported having the virus teach or work on campus.

The dashboard is updated every Monday by the FIU Covid-19 Response Team. 

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