FIU Will Facilitate COVID-19 Vaccines To Faculty and Staff Members

Screenshot of email sent out by External Relations addressing faculty and staff members

Jordan Coll/ News Director

FIU will begin to facilitate COVID-19 vaccines for faculty and staff members starting today.

The university will partner with local hospitals such as Jackson Health System and Baptist Health to vaccinate faculty and staff, according to an email sent out by External Relations. 

Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, faculty and staff 65 years and older will be first in line to register for a vaccine appointment.

Faculty and staff interested will be required to fill out a response form to FIU’s COVID-19 interest survey.

However, filling the survey does not guarantee a vaccine.

“Please note that signaling your interest in this survey does not guarantee FIU will have a vaccine for you; likewise, it does not represent a commitment on your part to take the vaccine when it is made available,” according to the email.

Questions on the survey will determine interest should “FIU become a vaccine provider in the future.”

Division of Human Resources will reach out to faculty and staff members who have completed the survey with more information regarding vaccination.

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