10 Self-Love Songs To Remind Yourself of Your Worth

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Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s favorite holiday. While the spirit of love is in the air, not everyone has a significant other to celebrate it with. However, that does not mean that they are incomplete without a special someone by their side.

Here are 10 songs to listen to that will remind you of your self-worth this Valentine’s Day and for the rest of the year. Self-love is not reserved only for Feb. 14.  

  1. I – Kendrick Lamar

Lamar’s song talks about self-expression and loving yourself as much as you love the people around you. This song reminds us that despite the trials and tribulations that we may be facing, we should still love ourselves. I is a great song to listen to year-round. 

  1. BTS Cypher, Pt. 4 – BTS

BTS has taken the world by storm and broken down language barriers with their energetic hits. Released in 2016, Cypher, Pt. 4’s chorus is a great confidence booster. The lyrics talk about loving yourself and growing past the need to prove your worth to people who want to bring you down. 

  1. Oh No! – MARINA

A confidence booster for the ambitious person, Oh No! reminds us to express ourselves and our ambitions. While the lyrics talk about the fear of failure, MARINA also talks about knowing who we are and what we want to achieve. The song also reminds us that no matter what happens, we should remain confident in who we are. 

  1. Lettin’ Go!. – Janelle Monáe

Inspired by Michael Jackson’s hit song, Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Monáe’s song reminds us to let go of the things that are holding us back and to see the fun side of life. From Monáe’s vocals to the song’s beat, Lettin’ Go! is a great song to sing and dance to whenever you need to pick yourself up.

  1. No Scrubs – TLC

One of the greatest hits of the late 1990s, the message behind No Scrubs still rings true to this day. A timeless classic, No Scrubs is a confidence booster and it reminds you of your worth. The lyrics talk about refusing to settle for a scrub, someone who has nothing to give in a relationship. 

  1. Video – India.Arie

Video talks about staying true to yourself and not being afraid if you don’t fit into society’s standards. India.Arie talks about the beauty in the ordinary and the value of being unique. The lyrics drive the message that even the most expensive materials cannot compare to the beauty in knowing who you are and having self-confidence. 

  1. Independent Women Parts 1 and 2 – Destiny’s Child

Released in two parts, Independent Women was part of the soundtrack for the Charlie’s Angels film adaption in 2000. The lyrics speak about refusing to rely on someone else for materialistic things. Throughout the song, Destiny’s Child give a shoutout to all the hardworking women who have worked hard to be successful. 

  1. After the Storm – Kali Uchis feat. Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins

A great song for when you need to pick yourself up, After the Storm talks about being your own hero. The lyrics talk about how dark times are temporary and that things will always get better. The song also reminds us to keep moving forward, and as the song says, nothing good ever comes easy. 

  1. Perfect – Anne-Marie

Similar to Video, Perfect talks about being comfortable in your own skin. Anne-Marie sings about what it’s like to not fit into the latest trends. The song speaks about being okay with not being perfect and embracing our imperfections. 

  1.  That’s Okay – D.O.

Korean singer Do Kyungsoo (known as D.O.) sings about the ups and downs of life. Written by Do, he sings that it’s okay to be honest with yourself about your feelings. The soft melody contributes to the message of the song, which is about finding the silver lining in dark times while looking forward to better days.

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  1. Bruce Preston | March 31, 2024 at 10:37 AM | Reply

    human by Rag’n’bones man is pretty good too.

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