The Hidden Gems Of FIU’s Study Abroad Program

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Study abroad programs typically may conjure to mind the sidewalk cafes of Paris, with Eiffel tower views or the changing of the guard in London. However, FIU has so much more to offer, having over 70 partnerships in 25 different countries.

Here are a few of those top destinations that students should consider:

1)  The American University of Dubai (Fall and Spring term)

Unfortunately, with the dangerous reputation the Middle East has garnered, eyes have strayed away from its diverse countries and cultures. As well as the possibility of its schools being able to offer a different experience and perspective.

FIU’s ISE program offers three different partnerships with schools in the Middle East, one of them being The American University of Dubai. 

The institution teaches its courses in English, has high-ranking programs, and is located in the middle of all the action.

Dubai is often described as an iconic city with a rich history and world heritage sites. Conquering the desert dunes or skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah are a few of the exciting activities the city offers. Dubai’s beautiful beaches and world-renown malls also offer some more relaxed yet still alluring alternatives.

#2 Universidad de Belgrano (Fall or Academic year).

Countries in South America also fall high on the list of under appreciated destinations.  Many students at FIU often take countries in South America for granted, having already endured a similar experience. 

FIU offers international exchange in Argentina, Chile,   Ecuador, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.  

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America, rich with nature, a love for soccer, and great food. 

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is often called the Paris of South America, mainly due to its European influence. Buenos Aires is unlike any other city, as it has a European feel but a Latin culture. It is a place in which the art scene is alive, with Tango and theaters, as well as tasty cuisine.

FIU partners with two different schools in Buenos Aires, one of them being Universidad de Belgrano.

This University focuses on more than just education, it puts an emphasis on the students and their growth as citizens. It an urban university that harbors more than 10,000 students.

 Although these schools and the others in South America are taught in Spanish, FIU students have a leg up, coming from a university that has as large a Hispanic population.

#3 University of Iceland (Fall or Academic year)

Living in the sunshine state can often deter students from places that have long winters, but like anything it just takes some getting used to. Countries in the north have so much more to offer than just cold weather,  such as beautiful landscapes and unique cultures.

FIU partners with two different schools in Nordic countries with one of them being the University of Iceland.

The University of Iceland is located in the capital, Reykjavík- the heart of Iceland and famous for its nightlife. This rapidly developing institution is renowned for its research and 300 different research programs, which are all taught in English.

Iceland has some of the coolest natural areas, such as Europe’s largest glacier, volcanic heated lagoons, and massive waterfalls. It has very unique food, such as rugbrauð- a bread that is cooked in the hot spring soil. Also, offers spectacular views of the beautiful northern lights.

#4 AARHUS University (Academic year)

The other Nordic school FIU partners with is AARHUS University located in Denmark. Specifically, Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark. AARHUS is a highly ranked institution and offers complete programs in English. 

Denmark is full of museums, galleries, castles, beaches, and a recognized food scene. It is located near other European countries such as Copenhagen and Germany thus it’s easy to travel and explore other nearby places.

Virtual Opportunities

Given the many difficult challenges, in a world riddled with viruses, financial stress, and family ties, studying abroad may seem like a daunting prospect.

Luckily, FIU also offers virtual study abroad opportunities. That could literally bring the world to your fingertips. A cultural/educational exchange can still be achieved without taking on the same financial burden nor leaving the comfort of your home. 

FIU is offering virtual exchange opportunities through five different providers. The classes taken can be transferred and used as credit.One of the providers, ISA, International Studies Abroad, offers so many different remote language opportunities, from Korean to Italian.

Another provider, TEAN offers courses at some of the highest-ranking universities such as the University of Sydney in Australia.

For more information about the FIU Study Abroad program, visit their site.

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