Ariana Grande’s Sixth Album, “Positions (Deluxe)” Reflects on Recent Engagement

Marina Alonzo/Staff Writer

After announcing her engagement with real estate mogul Dalton Gomez in December,  pop-singer-sensation Arianna Grande’s latest album, Positions, features several tracks which seem to be discussing their relationship.

Positions shows a different side of Grande and is more mature than her last albums. The album sets a happy and positive tone for the singer.

Grande added five songs to her album of 14 songs, including “34+35 (feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion).”The other songs are “Someone Like U (Interlude),” “Test Drive,” “Worst Behavior,” and “Main Thing.”

These songs are too short to enjoy because once you’re ready for the chorus again the song is over. However, the songs are sensual and about love and positivity, it shows a mature side of her and could possibly be about her recent engagement.

Billboard has discussed the topic of songs getting shorter over the years, in 2019 the majority of the songs were under three minutes. 

“Someone Like U (Interlude)” is just over a minute and is a slow, whimsical song that starts with chimes and ends with Grande doing multiple vocal runs.

The song talks about how Grande has waited for the person she’s with and she hopes they are not too good to be true.

“Test Drive,” talks about how she doesn’t need to look for anyone else because she is content with the partner she has. 

The song is upbeat and filled with references to cars and driving. She talks about how she misses her partner, but even when she’s not around their relationship is under control.

The next song on the album is “34 + 35 (feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion),” this upbeat hit is the longest addition to the album, and the original is number two on Billboard Hot 100.

“It came up as a total joke and then I like fell in love with it,” Grande said on the Zach Sang Show about the song’s original release.

The song is the longest song that was added to the album because the other four songs are around two minutes long. 

The song, “Main Thing,” is over two minutes long and is a slow song that talks about how Grande believes her partner could be the one. In this love song, Grande talks about her partner’s qualities that stand out to her.

These added songs add more to the Positions album as a whole, and although they are short, they have a purpose on the album.

The songs meant a lot to Grande because this is the first time the singer has released a deluxe version of an album.

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