Roller Skating: The Perfect Quarantine Escape

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Julia Gomez/Staff Writer

Thanks to COVID-19 and viral videos, roller skating is now more popular than ever before. But, should you fall for the hype or is it going to be over this time next year? Well, the roller-skating community is strong enough to keep it going long after this pandemic is over. If the only thing stopping you from getting skates is the idea that you might be doing it alone, be assured that roller skating is here to stay and isn’t just another fad.

In summer 2020, there was a national roller skate shortage, but why? Influencers on TikTok, like actress Ana Coto, popularized the sport with videos of her dancing in her skates down streets or in roller rinks.

Sure, roller skating is great exercise. It tones your legs, helps burn calories and it’s a great cardio workout. But, that isn’t enough to keep the fad going.  The roller-skating community is staying connected through social media. Facebook groups, like Beginner Roller Skating and Inline, are helping new skaters connect. Members are free to ask questions without being judged or even post videos of themselves learning tricks. There are different groups, like Rolling with the Big Girls or I’m high and this is Roller Skating that provides safe places for skaters with different interests or needs.

Coto isn’t the only roller-skating role model. Kiana Maxwell, a.k.a.  Turquoise Deity, is an incredible skater and artist whose TikToks feature them doing backflips at a skatepark. They’re the perfect example of what the roller-skating community represents.

“My goals for teaching are just to spread the love of roller skating,” Kiana said to Moxi Roller Skates.

Their posts on Instagram and TikTok provide more than enough content to inspire any would-be skater to finally buy the pair of skates they’ve been wanting.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to learning about roller skating, don’t worry. Check out Queer Girl Straight Skates on YouTube. Rebel shows you what to do, from the moment you order your new skate to what to do before you first put those skates on your feet to skating for the first time.

Roller skating isn’t just about finding a new way to work out or lose weight. It’s a way to have fun with friends, meet new people and experience new things. Because of the pandemic, it’s harder to make new connections and friends. But, people have connected online through their love for roller skating. Either by connecting together through Facebook, finding inspiration on social media or discussing techniques on subreddits.

The skating community is going to keep getting stronger. It’s still difficult to find a pair of skates. It seems like everyone on Instagram owns a pair of Moxi’s popular Lolly roller skates, which always seems to be sold out on every website.

Check out local skate shops to see what kind of roller skates they have in stock. If all else fails, you can purchase your skates online from Fritzy’s Roller Skate Shop, Empire Skate Shop or Pigeon’s Skate Shop.

Roller skating gives people the perfect excuse to go outside and get some sun. It isn’t just a form of cardio, it’s an excuse to escape quarantine.

It’s challenging at first. You’re going to fall and feel like a newborn giraffe. But it’s worth it! It’s freeing to have wheels attached to your feet. The best part of it all is making new friends, whether through online communities or meeting random people skating on the street. The skating community is one of the most accepting communities out there.


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Photo by Arif Maulana on Unsplash

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