Sneak Peek at FIU’s Roarthon!

Angelinne Moreno / Contributing Writer

Roarthon, FIU’s annual student-organized dance marathon, will be back this year in a hybridized in-person and virtual format, ensuring a safe 17 hours of continuous, uninterrupted fist-pumping, head-nodding and hip-gyrating.

This student-run event raises funds for The Children’s Miracle Foundation, which has provided funding to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital since 1985.

For Ana Gomez, Event Coordinator at FIU’s Center for Leadership and Service and serves as Roarthon’s adviser, there is a lot more happening than just an opportunity to have a dance party. 

“Roarthon is important because it is one of FIU’s largest student-run philanthropic organizations that works year round to raise awareness and funds to the importance of supporting children’s health,” said Gomez.

The invigorating 17-hour celebration fundraising campaign is taking place at FIU at MMC in the loop between the Blue and Gold garages on Apr. 9, 2021. 

The funds are provided by the contributions and earnings of each enlisted dancer who pledges to dance until their heart’s desire. 

Much like the Jump Rope for Heart campaign, Roarthon allows dancers to receive sponsors whose donations will, of course, go towards the same cause for children in the Children’s Nikolas hospital.

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. the campaign will kick-off with the dancer goodies hand-out in the GC lawns on Apr. 2 and ending with an actual virtual event held on Zoom Apr. 3. 

As in previous years, the fundraiser will represent the culmination of a yearlong effort to raise funds and spread awareness of children’s medical issues. 

This time around with the same motivated spirit and goal in mind Roarthon will also be representing FIU’s student and faculty dedication to continue positively engaging and giving back to the community we love and aim to protect.

Jessica Santos, one of Roarthon’s MultiMedia Chair’s, shares her own personal take on what Roarthon means to her. 

“I’ve always been into medicine but as a student and sister you see how the children and families are impacted and supported. The support the nurses and hospital provide us also makes me passionate about what we are doing. Hearing back from everyone who is grateful for our effort is the best part of Roarthon,” said Santos.

Donations and registration for Roarthon may be done through their website 

The way part of the high hopes and profits are achieved every year is through the hard work and motivation of student leaders and organizers such as Ana Gomez and Jessica Santos. 

Roarthon stands out from other fundraisers due to its over 1 Million dollars raised to this date in honor of the same honest cause that puts children first. 

“Funds are used toward the Michael Fux Family Center, to support families with their medical bills, and even update buildings, technology, and medical equipment,” said Gomez. 

The far reaching influence of this altruistic endeavor exemplifies the joy and positivity which can be unlocked through extended periods of dancing–and supporting those in our community who perhaps need our help the most.

Whether one is an avid dancer or not Roarthon welcomes anyone and everyone willing to contribute to a day full of fun, community togetherness, and miracles at work.

“I am always so moved to see how our FIU Panthers come together and work so hard to make this a success every year because it has such an impact on kids’ lives,” said Gomez. 

Students can check out Roarthon’s website or Instagram for ongoing updates and any questions for information.

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